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About The Archives

Obsessive photo and artists book custodian Peter van Beveren (1952) resides and works in The Hague as consultant and certified appraiser of modern and contemporary art. He actually began in the early 1970’s as conceptual artist, developed his passion for collecting by sending and acquiring mail art. He initiated and managed The Archives / Art Information Centre and subsequently became a gallery owner, international art dealer, curator of one of the most coherent and appealing private collections, international project manager of art projects, and guest curator at various museums.

Peter van Beveren decided to establish a library and lecture hall for his collection of thousands of photo- and artists’ books and other archive material inside Billytown.

The Archives / Peter van Beveren Library is located on the first floor of the Billytown complex, where exhibitions and other activities are organized based on the collection.

In all cases, contemporary art production will remain the focus and attention will be paid to the development and historical production level of the photo and artist's books as well as the topicality of the conception and production.