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Sensory Threshold LAB 2022 : HOLY GRID!


About the event

We depart from an empty space, enclosed by grids of industrially produced serial objects. Tiles, windows, window frames, concrete slabs with rectangular cassettes; a monument of advanced "gridization." Yet, grids do not solely dominate our physical environment. They facilitate and rule cyberspace, our communication technologies, and make each point on the map as good as any other. They emerge as models as we dive deeper and understand more clearly how our brain constructs our reality.

ST LAB 2022 : HOLY GRID! will take place from August 12th to September 23rd at Billytown The Gallery in The Hague and simultaneously at Sala de Espera in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico.

This is not a curated show but an experiment. In total 16 artists and cultural professionals will be working at the two artist run-initiatives about 9000 km apart. They will collectively think and produce. The project's progress can be visited every Thursday to Saturday during the regular opening hours of the Billytown Gallery. Eventually, the project culminates in a colorful symposium. Maybe there will be workshops, presumably, there will be lectures and talks, and surely there will be art to watch and to experience.

At this point, everything is subject to speculation.


  • 08.08.22–23.09.22